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Aromatic Apothecary - Roll on Combo

Aromatic Apothecary - Roll on Combo

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Combo contains: Sinus Soother, Head A Care and Roll on Relief.

Most people suffer from common ailments such as neck tension, headaches and sinus congestion which can be treated with these three rollons, as a first line of treatment before reaching for a number of different pills. These symptoms can be alleviated with aromatherapy using these pre prepared products.

How to use:
Cold & Sinus Soother: use on the sides of nose, under cheeks, above eyebrows and behind the ears to relieve congestion.

Headache Care: Apply the roller ball application to the back of the neck, temples and pulse points.

Stress-less Roll On Relief: Massage and apply at the same time. Roll on to muscular area for about twenty seconds, applying pressure with the roller ball while the gel is dispensed. Shortly after application tingling will begin as the essential oils act, and thereafter relief.

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