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Aromatic Apothecary - Headache Mini rollon - HeadAche Care

Aromatic Apothecary - Headache Mini rollon - HeadAche Care

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Use this natural remedy for headaches to relieve tension and ease pain. Drink plenty water as dehydration is often a cause of headaches.

HeadAche Care is a unique combination of lavender, peppermint and marjoram, carefully blended into jojoba and almond oils - 100 % natural.

Best used for:
Headache and symptoms of migraine for relief.

How to use:
Use the roller ball to apply on to the temples and forehead. Can also apply to the back of the neck and pulse points too. Peppermint soothes throbbing headaches, marjoram is nature’s analgesic and Lavender is altogether soothing.

What people are saying about this product:
Celeste - "I bought the Head A Care mini roll-on and I must say I'm impressed with it. I use it regularly for headaches. Mine is almost finished and I need more soon!"

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