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Aromatic Apothecary - Stressless Relaxer Combo

Aromatic Apothecary - Stressless Relaxer Combo

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The Relaxer roll on and Stressniff inhaler go hand in hand with helping calm the mind,body and soul. The roll on is fantastic to use at night especially to allow the oil to be absorbed in the bloodstream. The inhaler allows you to carry the relaxing scents of neroli, camomile and lavender in your pocket to calm the nerves during the day.

Combo contains:
Relaxer Mini Roll On and Stressniff Inhaler.
Best used for:
Stress relief, difficulty with sleep and to calm or relax.
How to use:
Relaxer Mini Roll On: Use the roller ball application to massage the oil onto pulse points (inside wrists) and forearms, as required for stress relief. Inhale too for best benefit.
Stressniff Inhaler: Inhale deeply through alternate nostrils as required.

What people are saying about this product:

Shaheena - "I simply love all your oils and muscle roll on‚. I have been using the Relaxer roll on blend for over two years now and I used to suffer from insomnia. God Bless you for your excellent products."

Craig I decided to try your Stressniff and Focusniff but wasn't too convinced that they would work. Since using them I can definitely attest to them working. There is a marked difference between the two aroma‚Äôs with the Stressniff definitely calming and Focusniff energizing. I recommend them to all my friends‚

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