COVID-19 Licensed Essential Service

As one of the Essential Services outlined by the Government, we are happy to announce that The Relief Co t/a Aromatic Apothecary has obtained their licence to operate during the lockdown and will remain open to provide you with your health and wellness products.

Operational Guidelines during the lockdown:

  • The safety of everyone is of extreme importance to us and we have strict hygiene measures in place. When handling your parcels, we ensure that correct handover measures are followed through to our couriers. 
  • We are operating at present without staff that need to travel to support the stay at home policy and have adequate stock at present.
  • The courier we are using are certified to transport essential items only, and therefore all orders processed will be strictly for your health benefits.

We, as a South African small business, commit to trade within the scope of the lockdown guidelines, continue to provide our products for your essential health and wellbeing, and endeavour to be contributing to your wellbeing at home without being a burden on the state.

Thank you, our loyal customers, who are supporting us during this time – stay safe, stay healthy and positive.

Go to for official government updates on Covid-19.

Download our Essential Services Certificate