About Aromatic Apothecary

The Company

Aristotle famously spoke of “nature doing nothing uselessly”, which is a belief close to the heart of the Aromatic Apothecary. We believe in the power of plant ingredients and the safe use of aromatherapy oils to assist in achieving ultimate health and wellness. We use the highest quality natural ingredients to make Aromatic Apothecary products that work in harmony with our bodies to offer relief from common, everyday ailments.

The Aromatic Apothecary range comprises of a wide selection of specially designed and formulated therapeutic aromatherapy products. We understand that the whole is more than the sum of its parts, which is why our unique blends are carefully prepared using proven recipes that treat the causes of today’s discomforts. Our ready-to-use combinations are designed to care for the underlying cause of our ailments such as stress, fatigue, muscle aches, sleep issues and sinus problems.

Over the past 29 years, Aromatic Apothecary has become a leading brand in the health and wellness industry. Our customers are central to every product that we develop. We have established ourselves as a prominent ready-to-use aromatherapy product supplier to both consumers and retailers locally, nationally, and internationally.


About Doryce Sher

Founder & Director

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them. – Dalai Lama

I was born and educated in Zimbabwe, after which I studied pharmacy in Johannesburg. I worked as a pharmacist for ten years, during which time I came to believe that many medicines were overprescribed, overused and even abused. It was an era in which there was “a pill for every ill”, and I felt an inner conflict when dispensing drugs. “There had to be something other than a drug to feel better,” I thought. Fortunately, it was around that time that I discovered essential oils and aromatherapy.

Challenging the status quo was uncommon as not many people questioned the over-prescription of pills through the 1980s. In 1991 when I resolved never to dispense another drug again, I decided that aromatherapy was a way to make people feel better without harming them.

I studied aromatherapy and began to understand how plant-based ingredients can alleviate many of the everyday ills we suffer, whether using conventional medical treatment or not. Medicines were initially derived from plants and used for thousands of years compared to the newly formed pharmaceutical industry. My pharmaceutical background afforded me the confidence to experiment and formulate products in response to people’s needs using plant-based ingredients.

I have created different products that have been used and sought after by thousands of people for over the past 29 years. I am a registered Reflexologist, Aromatherapist and Pharmacist, and I have served on association committees and professional boards. I currently serve on a SAHPRA advisory committee. Today, we have built a brand that puts people’s overall wellbeing at the forefront of all the products that we create.

About Janine Fleischmann


“I believe we can have it all.”

I grew up in Cape Town and studied Business Science at UCT. After spending a few years living and working in New York at the height of the internet boom, I returned to South Africa, where I worked for a large corporate retailer and focused on customer relationship management. One of the highlights of my career and my most significant professional achievement to date was working on a well-known and successful skincare brand. I was part of a team that assisted in establishing the brand as the number one emollient in South Africa.

I am passionate about building relationships in my work, and I am privileged to have made a career building and managing customer relationships in the retail space. I love my career, and I believe that we can have it all. However, one of my most significant achievements to date is being a mother. I take pride in caring for the wellbeing of my family and leading my children through life to be socially responsible, morally guided people who are aware of their place in society and commitment to their community and the world.

Whether in family, with friends or in business, relationships are built on trust. As a mother, I am constantly looking for products and brands that are true to their heritage and have the same values as my family and me. Aromatherapy products, specifically those we develop at Aromatic Apothecary, are formulated to help us feel better.