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Aromatic Apothecary - Move Easy Massage Oil

Aromatic Apothecary - Move Easy Massage Oil

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Volume: 60ml

Essential oils of Lavender, Rosemary and Bblack pepper in a100% natural base oil.

Best used for: 
To relieve stiff joints, muscle cramps, sports injuries and arthritis.  Lavender relaxes muscles, Rosemary detoxifies and Black Pepper improves circulation. 

How to use:
Bath: Add 5ml to a bath and remain submerged for a minimum of 10 minutes to allow the essential oils to penetrate the dermis layer of the skin to attain the desired effect. 

Massage: 10ml of the prepared massage oil is sufficient to massage a whole body. Smaller quantities can be massaged into affected areas locally. 
Use circular movements or strokes, always encouraging blood flow towards the heart. 

How it works:
Black Pepper is a stimulant, Lavender induces relaxation and Rosemary warms muscles and joints and increases circulation. The stimulating effects and increased circulation improve blood supply to muscular areas and joints, providing better drainage of toxins and delivery of fresh oxygen.

Bath – lying in a bath with therapeutic oils increases the absorption of essential oils into the blood stream without having to massage the oils in. It is also soothing and relaxing to the body toile in the bath with the aromatic mix. The absorbed oils relax and soothe aches and pains in muscles and joints.

Massage: The benefit of massage cannot be overestimated. Whilst massage improves circulation of blood and lymph and eases the absorption of oils, the very technique of massage helps to relax the body. 

Massaging the blend of these oils into the body stimulates circulation and relaxes stiff or sore muscles and eases joint stiffness or pain. 

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