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Aromatic Apothecary - Move Easy Gel

Aromatic Apothecary - Move Easy Gel

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Volume: 150g


Essential oils of Ginger, Rosemary, Peppermint and Lavender in a gel base.

Best used for:

Instant relief from everyday body aches and pains, muscular or joint pain.

Ideal for 

  • self-massage 
  • deep muscle tension. 
  • pain associated with injuries, 
  • arthritic pain, 
  • bruises 
  • stiff muscles
  • sore joints – fingers/hands/wrists/ankles/knees/ shoulders/hips/elbows.

How to use: 

Apply as much gel as needed to the area that requires pain relief. A short massage is all that is needed for the gel to be absorbed and have its therapeutic effect.

How it works:

Shortly after the application of the gel, a tingling will begin as the essential oils are absorbed, and thereafter relief is experienced. Ginger warms, Peppermint cools, Rosemary stimulates circulation and Lavender relaxes and promotes healing. The gel can be re-applied as frequently as needed.


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