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Aromatic Apothecary - Bed of Roses Bath Crystals

Aromatic Apothecary - Bed of Roses Bath Crystals

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Our Bed of Roses signature fragrance promotes love, romance and luxury beginning with self-nurturing.

Bath salts are very therapeutic with inherent healing properties of epsom salts, bicarb and the salt itself.  This together with therapeutic fragrant essential oils provides a healing experience for body mind and spirit.

Ingredients: Bed of Roses is a unique blend of essential salts of Ylang Ylang and Rose in a salt, epsom salt, and bicarbonate mixture.

Best used for: stress, feeling low, for upliftment and for romance and self-nurturing. Rose is a lovely fragrance for emotional issues and Ylang Ylang is an aphrodisiac, antidepressant and relaxant.

How to use.

In the bath: Use up to a tablespoon in the bath and remain submerged for about 10 minutes to allow the essential oils to penetrate the dermis layer of the skin to attain the desired effect Whilst a bath is relaxing for both mind and body, it is also a therapeutic treatment when adding  bath salts with good quality essential oils.

For inhalation : The salts can also be used in the same way as pot pourri – pour the salts in a dish and the aroma will evaporate gently over time emitting a soft fragrance. The salts can be refreshed with essential oil of the same variety.

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