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Aromatic Apothecary - Citrus Treat Bath & Massage oil

Aromatic Apothecary - Citrus Treat Bath & Massage oil

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Safe in Preganancy - this bath and massage oil is made up of three oils from the orange tree. Peitgrain from the twigs and leaves, Orange from the orange rind, and Neroli from the orange blossoms. They are all extracted at different times of the year as the parts of the tree blossom, grow oranges and then shed their leaves. The story is that the oils are familiar and different, uplifitng , balalncing and sedating, and are "happy" to see one another again. This blend is 100% safe in pregnancy and is also good for putting you back together when you feel like you are falling apart !

Citrus Treat is a unique blend of Peitgrain, Orange and Neroli essential oils in a 100% natural oil base.

Best used for:
This beautifl aromatic blend of oils is soothing. Even small amounts on pulse points for nausea, or applied over the stomach or legs for stretch marks and also for general well-being. That it is safe in pregnancy is an advantage and preferable over other mixes. It is alos good for children and the elderly. The aroma is neither to seet nor pungent.

How to apply:
Bath: Whilst a bath is relaxing for both mind and body, especailly when pregnant. It is also a therapeutic treatment if used with good quality essential oils.
Add 5ml to a bath and remain submerged for a minimum of 10 minutes to allow the essential oils to penetrate the dermis layer of the skin to attain the desired effect.

Massage: The benefit of massage cannot be overestimated. THis oil is nourishing to the skin and helpful for stretchmarks. Whilst massage improves circulation of blood and lymph and eases the absorption of oils, the very technique of massage helps to relax the body.
10ml of the prepared massage oil is sufficient to massage a whole body.
Smaller quantities can be massaged into affected areas locally.
Use circular movements or strokes, always encouraging blood flow towards the heart.

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