Plant Power

Photosynthesis - The Precurser...

I am often reminded how powerful plants are and why our products work - the link being the use of the aromatic part of plants to enhance our wellbeing - naturally.

Plants and the plant kingdom are the foundation of life. Without plants there would be no life as we know it. The root of it all is that plants have the ability to turn air into food, nutrients, via photosynthesis.

We know that carbon dioxide and water are converted in the presence of sunlight, into simple sugar molecules, trapping the energy from the sun in unique chemical bonds, known as carbon bonds.

This is the start of the food chain on which our lives depend and when the energy is released in our bodies (and those of all animals on the planet) via respiration, we are able to be alive - that's life.

What is a lesser known fact is that photosynthesis is the pre-curser of special aromatic molecules formulated in plants. These aromatic compounds have even more special carbon bonds which hold the sun energy in a unique format - known as a carbon ring.

It is this very carbon ring that is aromatic, that vaporizes, that is believed to act as the plant hormone, that is released into the atmosphere to give a plant its characteristic aroma, that when used by humans is able to have an effect.

Aromatic Molecules

These 'magical' aromatic molecules are in harmony with our body and are able to be processed after having their influence on the body or mind. The aromatic molecules are commonly known as essential oils - essential to the plant and I would say essential to us too!

At Aromatic Apothecary the aromatic compounds from plants are yet another "power" from plants that we make use of in our therapeutic products. Many years of research and experience are behind our formulations for your benefit.

Tap into the Power of Plants via aromatic oils in our products. We offer inhalers, aromatic oil mixes as burner oils for the benefit of inhaling as well as topical gels, creams and oils all for your wellbeing.

warm aromatic regards,
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