Come What May

The month of May means the beginning of winter ( for those in South Africa), Mother's day which extends into the whole month and a feel that the year is well underway... and also for those of us in "Mzanzi" - it's back to a five day week!

Mother's Day

Mother's day on the 8th May - Ag Mei, evokes something in us all. Commercial as it may be, it gives focus on motherhood. We at Aromatic Apothecary salute everyone performing a mother's role.

We acknowledge all mothers, fathers that take on the mother role, grannies and grandpas, relatives, friends and teachers, those mothers that are absent or passed and anyone else who may nurture and care for another. Take care of yourselves too this month especially.

It being two years and two months since the inception of a Covid world, and with many still succumbing to Covid as well as the continued mandate to wear masks, many of us are struggling.

The New Normal

We don't know if this is a new normal, have we returned to an old normal? Many businesses have closed, many new ones have opened, some have survived and others have thrived. So it does feel like a mad world, and May Madness may feel relevant, and equally may not.

Come what May, we have to continue to eat, sleep, work and in that find a place of contentment and a state of good health and wellbeing. Why not allow some maternal type care be part of your life and use some of our products when caring for your self.

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