Cold & Sinus Season


I overheard one of my pharmacist colleagues talking about the overuse of antibiotics and how at the first sign of a cold or sinus people think that they need these strong medicines. There may be many cases where infections can be treated with antibiotics and at the same time there is a lot of antibiotic overuse, and then when really needed, they are no longer effective.

I have heard a mainstream doctor say that we often recover as quickly with supportive care for common colds, flu and sinus whether antibiotics are prescribed or not. While the debate continues, I would like to focus on the supportive care that Aromatic Apothecary products can offer to make you feel better whether you use prescription meds, over the counter meds, vitamins or not.

Firstly, who wouldn't want to feel better when suffering the effects of colds, flu or sinus? Congestion, runny eyes and nose, blocked ears and sore throats are enough to make one feel "lousy". You can almost feel better as you imagine inhaling eucalyptus and feel your airways ease. Steaming with "Friars Balsam" in a basin of warm water, with a towel over my head was one of the best remedies that I grew up with. We know that tea tree is anti-infectious and that lavender is soothing.

How to use the oils naturally and safely? At Aromatic Apothecary we have formulated pre-mixed and easy to use products that you can use frequently during the day or night. The mini roll-on and inhaler for colds and sinus offer instant on the go relief. Small enough to keep handy next to your bed or in your pocket or bag, to inhale or apply for congestion and mucous build up.

The massage oil can be used as a chest and back rub or in the bath - think of a steaming bath with aromatic oils and inhaling them as they also absorb and offer relief.

The concentrate burner oil can be used in a humidifier, in a basin for steaming, in an air purifier, or in a traditional aromatherapy burner. This mix contains benzoin which is what Friars Balsam was previously known as.

I believe that self care is nurturing and when you are feeling less than optimal, nurturing can be as beneficial as the products used. Inhaling a therapeutic aroma, applying or massaging a soothing product, can for a moment, shift your focus to feeling better.

The emphasis is on feeling better.

Feel relief and feel safe with our handy Cold & Sinus mini roll-on, inhaler, massage oil and / or burner essence.
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We reiterate the necessity to stay safe and stay healthy. Stay home and let us deliver relief to you.

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