Change Happens


It’s difficult to conceive that it is February 2022, when it feels as if the year has barely begun. Each year we say the same thing – time seems to be moving faster than ever before. As we look forward to emerge, with hope, from almost two years of negotiating life in a COVID world, we are more than ready for a new beginning.

Most of us have experienced change in the last two years. In fact, it’s felt at times as if a very large reset button has been pressed. We at Aromatic Apothecary, know that change is not always easy, but as the saying goes: The only guarantee is that things don’t stay the same, they change.

Our brand has undergone some changes too – a whole new look! Our logo has been tweaked and modernised while retaining its historic feel, and is now boldly black and white. But what hasn’t changed is the quality content of our products. Each product now belongs in a category with an ‘intention of use’ or benefit, and each category has its own identifiable colour that is bright and strong (the products within each category have retained their characteristic colours). Most importantly, all our products are made as originally formulated since their inception.

We trust that you will embrace our new look and feel, and hope this adaptability serves you well in the other areas of your life, small and big. Inevitable changes require acceptance. We trust you will use our products to help with everyday ailments and include them in your life within our everchanging world.

Remember to keep noticing your breathing and that focusing on our breath is grounding.

Use our handy inhalers for relief from nasal congestion, headaches, stress and sleeplessness, and tiredness.



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