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Recently I visited the Game Reserve and while sitting in the early morning sun watching baboons and monkeys interact, observing the timid impala buck graze on the dewy grass, I became aware of the contentment of nature. I realised that nature has a very delicate ecosystem that has been developed over millennia and was finely balanced, until civilization went out of control. In pondering how I could start minimizing the effect that I could have on the environment, a mosquito landed on my arm and as I was about to swat it away, I wondered what the purpose of a mosquito is.

I liked the idea that using essential oils as insect repellants means that we are putting natural molecules that come from nature back into the environment.

Dr Jane Goodall and Sir David Attenborough both emphasize the small window of opportunity we have to reverse the destruction of our planet. These pioneering advocates say that the importance of each person changing small habits will result in a meaningful impact on the environment. So many of us are speaking out on Nature's behalf - protecting our oceans, forests and animals, I am encouraged and have many reasons for hope. You cannot escape a day without hearing about this call to save the planet in one way or another.

In the movie “The Big Little Farm”, the story is told of a barren piece of land being transformed into a perfectly well worked out ecosystem with a functional food producing farm as the result. The ecosystem was set up with using only natural solutions to combat any problem, thinking along the lines of from nature back to nature. The idea is to grow a particular plant next to an adjacent plant to prevent certain bugs from eating the one plant for example, or having ducks to eat snails, among many natural solutions. We don’t all live on farms however, we can, as said before, make small but effective daily choices. One of these choices is to use natural preventative methods when dealing with mosquitos, et al.

Plants themselves generate volatile oils to repel attacking insects and they are still effective after millions of years. No resistance has been built up so repeated and consistent use of aromas as deterrents is sustainable.

Let it begin with me.... or you ......

so this season, use our Bugs-away Spray, or keep Shu-fly Oil burning in your surrounds to repel insects knowing that you are in harmony with nature!

Treating Bites Naturally

Essential oils are effective in the treatment of insect bites and stings. Tea Tree is anti-infectious, Lavender soothes the allergen response and promotes healing while Camomile is healing to damaged skin tissue. These combined into an alcohol gel base provide rapid relief of bites and stings and can be used repeatedly.

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